Phoenix 24-7 Pricing

Answering Services – Keeping it simple with no hidden costs.

Businesses often begin with looking at the cost of a Telephone Answering Service, when really it’s best to consider the cost of not having one. Work out your day rate, and then work out how long you spend answering calls each day. You might be shocked to find out how much time you’ve spend answering calls, and what impact it’s having on your earning potential.

At Phoenix24-7 we’ll take the burden of answering each and every call away from you, without impacting on your overheads, and allowing you to focus on core business.

Our fully tailored call answering and message taking services starts from just £95 a month, and includes:

  • Provision of a land-line/non-geographic number
  • Changes to the inbound or outbound processing
  • Full contact staff rota management
  • Updates to on call staff rotas
  • Bank holiday cover
  • Festive period cover
  • Staff holiday/sickness cover

Prices for inbound and outbound calls start at just £0.85 per call, and this is where we keep it simple. We charge a flat rate, as per your contract, for each call, regardless of how long it takes. We also have a strict policy of what we will never charge clients for, and this includes:

  • Wrong numbers to your line
  • Unidentified calls to your line
  • Unsolicited sales calls
  • Text messages
  • Call patching time (only for the original outbound call)

For a tailored pricing plan, complete our contact form or call Phoenix24-7 on 0800 999 2 247