Phoenix 24-7 Telephone Answering Service

24 hour business call handling service from Phoenix24-7, Aberdeen Scotland.

If you are looking for a state of the art phone answering service, look no further. Phoenix24-7 aims to deliver the highest quality, reliable and cost effective telephone answering services. Our business phone answering service can offer your business so much when done correctly, increase business sales, provide you with a 24-hour presence and your customers can call you anytime of the day. Phoenix24-7 can answer your calls 24 hours a day with a live human being not a machine so you can be comfortable in the knowledge you callers always receive the best in customer service.

Why Choose our Telephone Answering Service?

We understand that our customers want a phone answering service that ticks all of the boxes. Phoenix24-7 is your live 24-hour message service solution. No menus just people 24/7 based in Aberdeen. We go the extra mile to bring you a call handling service to suit your specific needs.

Choose a call handling service with Phoenix 24-7 and all calls will be answered in your company name and relevant details passed to you or your staff verbally. If required a free SMS or email can be sent and all calls are reported back to your office via email upon conclusion, providing a full history of the event. Calls can also be patched where required, this is particularly handy if it’s an urgent matter.

You can upgrade your phone answering service for less with Phoenix 24-7. Prices start from £95 per month for the Service Access Fee & for inbound and outbound calls start from as little as £0.85 per call and this is where we keep it simple. We charge a flat rate for each call, regardless of how long it takes. We also have a strict policy of what we will never charge clients for, and this includes:

  • Wrong numbers to your line
  • Unidentified calls to your line
  • Unsolicited sales calls
  • Text messages
  • Call patching time (only for the original outbound call)

Need a Call Handling Service? Talk to the Team Today

You will see below a selection of the inbound and outbound call answering and message services. Please select the call answering service which best suits your requirements. If you require something a little more tailored that’s not a problem just give us a call, free on 0800 999 2 247 or complete our contact form and we will get back to you.