Oil and Gas Energy Sector

Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, 24Hr Messaging and Call Support.

When you think of the offshore Oil and gas energy sector and you visualise engineers & roughnecks working on an offshore platform, battling against time to meet production targets and the harsh elements of the North Sea. In one of the worlds most inhospitable working environments it’s always a dangerous job, and when there’s danger, knowing that there is someone at the other end of that phone call to deal with an emergency response is essential.

Where better for that Emergency Response to be answered than in Aberdeen the Oil and gas capital of Europe. Where our city centre based Aberdeen Call Centre is ideally located to support the offshore Oil and gas energy sector. Manned 24 hours a day, providing reception cover, out-of-hours cover or full 24×7×365 cover, by staff who are Aberdeen based and have many years of administration and management experience working with the offshore Oil and gas energy sector and support services.

At Phoenix24-7’s we have many Aberdeen based clients within the offshore Oil and gas energy sector who rely upon our Answering Services for their day-to-day reception cover as well as logistics and emergency response.Escalating issues to onshore Aberdeen duty personnel in order to co-ordinate and confirm staff whereabouts, getting updates on where equipment is, booking out additional services for urgent jobs, or indeed if there is a requirement for the medivac of an injured member of staff from an installation which is very rare, but extremely important when it does occur.

Whether it be working with onshore Aberdeen based HR and logistics staff to organise accommodation for personnel coming back from offshore or for those workers who have been grounded onshore as a result of bad weather. Maybe we will be answering the phone’s for one of our Aberdeen based client’s whose customer requires assistance to arrange the hiring of additional equipment and needs it delivered at a specific location to meet a shipping deadline.

Next we could be speaking and assisting an engineer from offshore, contacting our client with an issue in relation to equipment, needing to speak urgently to a specialist based in Aberdeen to ensure that production is not interrupted. We might need to co-ordinate with several Aberdeen based duty staff simultaneously to make them all aware of a need for an emergency response to an offshore incident.

Whatever the nature of that next contact, Phoenix24-7’s Aberdeen based Telephone Answering Service has significant experience in dealing with the industry and is based in the offshore Oil and gas capital of Europe. Our management staff have worked directly for Oil and gas producers, experiencing the offshore environment first hand and have gained an understanding of how important it is to respond first time, every time, to critical incidents offshore.

Working with our clients in Aberdeen to cover as many of the emergency scenarios within the offshore Oil and gas energy sector, our fully flexible messaging service can be adapted quickly to the needs of the next person who requires assistance. Fitting in an emergency response service along side the non-emergency service requirements that come along with working in the offshore energy sector.

From our Aberdeen premises we also provide a Daytime Answering Services for overflow covering clients office phones, ensuring the same high standards at our message response handling Centre are available all day, every day. This service can fit neatly into the times when our clients own daytime receptionists are unavailable through whatever reason such as; lunchtime cover, training days, staff non-attendance.

Whatever the nature of the contact, we answer it 24-hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year. That’s why Aberdeen based Phoenix24-7 Limited is the answer.