Lone Worker Support

Answering Services for Lone Worker Support, Supporting Lone Workers using Telaphone Answering Services, 24 Hour Telephone Answering Services to Lone Workers.

lone-worker-support_phoenix24-7Increasing numbers of people work alone, either some or all of the time.  Many people who travel for work, who work at night or who work from home, are lone workers, for example. Small businesses frequently employ people who work alone – from shop assistants to warehouse staff. And many self-employed people work alone, too.

Developments in communications technology has also allowed many more people to work from home or away from the workplace. This shift from traditional office-based working has introduced different risks for businesses.

If you’re self-employed you have a duty to protect your own health and safety, this means you must identify and minimise any risks that working alone involves.

As an employer you can be confident that Phoenix24-7’s Lone Worker Monitoring Service will handle all your lone worker requirements 24 hours a day 365 days of the year.  If and only if the center cannot contact the lone worker,  we will escalate to your designated  on call personnel.  The Lone Worker Monitoring Service is operated out of our Aberdeen based contact centre.

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