24 Hour Answering Services

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Everyone needs to be able to ‘switch’ off at some point, but who will deal withn your callers? Why not letPhoenix24-7 answer your telephones through the night? With our 24 Hour Professional Answering Services we answer your calls and you don’t get disturbed, unless it’s a serious issue requiring your advice or assistance. Once you have provided that advice or assistance, even then we can still handle it for you, again minimising the inconvenience when you are trying to relax.

Phoenix24-7’s 24 Hour Answering Services mean you can relax in the knowledge that your potentially criticalBusiness Telephone Calls are being handled in a fast and efficient manner at our Call Centre based in Aberdeen. At any time of the day or night, we can connect your clients to the person on duty and withPhoenix24-7 you are assured of 24-hour continuous management of support calls, so your clients deal with real people all day every day, they will never speak to a machine or have to select options ever.

Menus are found in a restaurant, that’s why you won’t find them at Phoenix24-7; all calls are answered by real people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365-d­ays a year. Our operators are all based in Aberdeen at our Call Centre. So why not take some of the daily stress away and try out our Telephone Answering Services to see if it gives you back some of your own time?

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There are a variety of reasons why a business may need to implement a 24 Hour Telephone Answering Services from a UK Based Call Centre such as:

  • Switchboard Services
  • Emergency calls
  • Reception Cover
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Customer Service Helpdesk
  • Maintenance Response
  • Lone Worker Monitoring
  • Clients seeking legal representation
  • Overseas Callers
  • Media Response
  • Online Order Processing
  • Engineer call Outs

Whatever line of business you are in, Phoenix24-7 can provide you with a tailored 24 Hour Telephone Answering Service solution for you. One of the immediate benefits of our Call Answering Services is that it instantly enables your business and services to be available around the clock 365 days of the year. With our highly versatile software platform, which allows us to quickly facilitate your requirements, we can have you up and running quickly and enjoying the benefits of having a constant presence, reassured your clients will always get their calls answered.

Our systems also allow us to manage staffing rotas which means when there is a requirement to escalate a call to an on call engineers, or joiner or manager we will call the correct duty person. We will also if required go back to your client and provide them with an update to their call, such as the ETA of the person called out and all the details are reported through to your office free via email, we can even send your on call staff a free SMS with details if they require it.

As an Aberdeen based Contact Centre we have built up our reputation working with the offshore Oil & Gas sector, one of the hardest working environments in the world, when something goes wrong offshore they need to know the call will be answered & actioned. Because of this reputation we have grown our client base throughout the UK and we are one of the few genuine operators who are live 24 hours a day 365 days of the year.

Our simple pricing plans have no hidden costs, we do not implement surcharges for ‘additional’ bank holiday cover or increase the normal costs because you need cover over the festive period or indeed if you need to use the service beyond your normal operating times. So regardless of where you are based in the UK or whatever industry you may operate in, Phoenix24-7’s 24 Hour Call Centre can deliver a seamless Telephone Answering Service for you and your business.